Dr. Christine Copple is a serial bioentrepreneur and CEO of Starise Ventures providing bioentrepreneurial/ early venture expertise and Advisory Board member and Chair of the Biosciences Caucus of Washington DC Archangels

​Dr. Ben Arthur is an accomplished neuroscientist, mathematician and Venture Capitalist. He is currently CEO of Ponz, LLC. a healthcare, wellness and technology consulting firm

Dr. Brinda Wiita has a career spanning global drug development, pipeline strategy, clinical R&D, medical affairs, technology licensing and alliance management; former Executive Director at Johnson &Johnson consumer products; current Founder President of Open Mind Innovation, a scientific consulting firm for biotech startups, consumer health care and pharma companies

​​Dr. Robert DeJager has over 40 years of experience in drug development at academic institutions and in the biopharmaceutical industry. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. He has been on the staff of academic institutions in the US and in Europe. His pharmaceutical appointments include Sanofi Research, AKZO-Nobel, R-Gene Therapeutics, Daiichi Pharmaceuticals, Conforma Therapeutics, Kosan Biosciences and Poniard Pharmaceuticals.