Dr. Francis Burrows is a serial bioentrepreneur and oncology drug discoverer; 

acquisition of Conforma Therapeutics to Biogen-Idec; former Senior Director of Discovery Oncology at Biogen-Idec

Dr. Christine Copple is a serial bioentrepreneur and CEO of Starise Ventures providing bioentrepreneurial/ early venture expertise and Advisory Board member and Chair of the Biosciences Caucus of Washington DC Archangels

​Dr. Ben Arthur is an accomplished neuroscientist, mathematician and Venture Capitalist. He is currently Senior 

Partner at DB Business Group, a financial management and consulting firm and President R&D of World Health Industries

Dr. Brinda Wiita has a career spanning global drug development, pipeline strategy, clinical R&D, medical affairs, technology licensing and alliance management; former Executive Director at Johnson &Johnson consumer products; current Founder President of Open Mind Innovation, a scientifc consulting firm for biotech startups, consumer health care and pharma companies

Dr. Robert DeJager has over 40 years of experience in drug development at academic institutions and in the biopharmaceutical industry. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. He has been on the staff of academic institutions in the US and in Europe. His pharmaceutical appointments include Sanofi Research, AKZO-Nobel, R-Gene Therapeutics, Daiichi Pharmaceuticals, Conforma Therapeutics, Kosan Biosciences and Poniard Pharmaceuticals.